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Prior to Nadine, Cera dated actress Aubrey Plaza for almost two years — and it nearly resulted in a Las Vegas wedding, Plaza revealed on Ru Paul’s “What’s the Tee? Cera made headlines after he was seen walking with Nadine in Brooklyn on March 11 wearing what appears to be a gold wedding band on his ring finger, and "Oh, Nadine/Woke up from a dream last night/Where all the skies were green/You were the sun/Down on the wave came your daylight/Oh, Nadine, you were the sun/Oh, Nadine/I can't help have a funny feeling you'd be good to me/You were in my dream/Oh, Nadine/You once had a lovely dream/And woke with pain of loss/You looked at the sky/Lost in the darkness 'round the moon/Oh, Nadine, I'll be there soon/Oh, Nadine, I'll be there"As you can see below, in August 2015, Amber Tamblyn shared an Instagram of Cera, Nadine, and another friend, Megan Hardy.The premise of this sitcom is Jerry and his friends going through everyday life, discussing various quirky situations, to which we can all relate (especially if we live in New York City).The eccentric personalities of the offbeat characters who make up Jerry's social circle contribute to the fun. Leifer & Jerry Seinfeld dated prior to Seinfeld, and she was the basis for Elaine.See more » The series does not have an opening credits sequence.Instead, the lead actor credits play out over a scene.She has three cameos during the series, in episodes 6.16, Seinfeld: The Kiss Hello (1995), 7.7, Seinfeld: The Secret Code (1995), and 7.22, Seinfeld: The Secret Code (1995).See more » : I just don't see what purpose is it going to serve your going?

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Though, if it were to happen it might take a few years and for someone else to do it for him just like Plaza revealed their relationship six years later.

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