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01-Feb-2020 14:58

He will make his own destiny and show the world what 'Growing Strong' really means.Ever wondered how Tony Stark would have been Like if he had an older brother, adopted his niece, and met Loki before becoming Iron Man?Harry Tyrell the counterpart to Harry Potter, born the second son of House Tyrell dares to dream.He will not be a sword at the side of his brother, a knight of the Kingsguard or what else his family plans.In its stead, Naruto's body now produces a unique energy that is more powerful and devastating than chakra. Pairings: None Genre: Powerful Naruto, Nen-User Naruto, Smart Naruto.Canon with slight AU.-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-x-Back Burner Story 2: A Naruto/Tsubasa Chronicles Crossover Title: The Bearer of the Kudan of Flame Summary: Naruto inherited the Will of Fire that the Shodaime Hokage preached to the village.Poll: Pick 3 stories that you want me to focus my attention on. To be honest, I started out here in simply as a reader; but as I read through all the stories, my imagination starts making its own set of stories that I'm itching to put into writing and sharing them to the everyone who wants to read them. ), and Eating (Well, I eat what I cook), Occult/Paranormal research.

Finding a home in the frozen land of the North, he decides to take a vacation.

Lyanna Stark was born two years earlier and already married to Robert by the time of the tourney at Harrenhall.