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Likes: To watch over, study over worlds events, different universe rules, and possibly..what can be done to give them..En-Vision Site of his touch! The power of creativity, to magically make things happen and to foreseen events of worlds he watches.

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However, a villain is using this for show, while dealing with black marketing of selling off rare creatures out of this world, from another dimension's universe? )Monkey King (A Lion King) (Base on mostly the Monkey Magic computer animated series)Ace Pan 2, Return To Never Land (Need to find a completed squeal of this movie?

Cartoons, Cartoon X-overs, Big Guy and Rusty the Boy Robot, X-overs, Halloween, Sonic the Hedgehog, My Little Pony, Transformers/Beast Wars, Disney, Parodies and Spoofs, Motorcity, Misc. Translation: See things and create them from his view..with new tellings and studying original sources to help make them a perfect work. (Alpha Teens On Machines) Detentionaire, Anime: Dragon Ball Z & GT, Yu Yu Hakusho, One Piece, Naruto, BLEACH, Detective Conan, Fairy Tail, Rockman EXE., Ryuusei No Rockman, Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic Underground, Sonic X, Digimon (Adventures 01 & 02)/(Tamers)/(Fronter)/(Data Squad)/(Xros Wars), Inuyasha, Mighty Max, Bey-Blade, Biker Mice From Mars(2006), Cybersix, Slayers (3 Seasons), Pokemon, Transformers ( Classic, Robots In Disguise, Armanda, Energon, Cybertron, Animated), Sailor Moon (Janpanese: Anime & Manga Series), Evangelion, Rozen Maiden, Yu-Gi-Oh!

Tv Shows, Sam & Max, Time Machine, Megas XLR, Code Lyoko, Sly Cooper, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Gravity Falls. Works on synchronizing lyric songs of music artist to match display on works in the best possible way to imagine the works in one's head for entertainment! (Duel Monsters)/(GX)/(5D's)/(Zexal), Zatch Bell, Trigun, Family Guy, Rurouni Kenshin, Needless, Gundam, .

-Sonic The Hedgehog Data-A List of many information on Sonic and his friends from the Series of Games, T. Shows, Comics, even to OC's from Other Author Fan-fiction Works. )-This will be a tournament to star Sonic characters in the ULTIMATE tournament, which is being hosted by a God-like Being that holds power greater then his challengers!

Listing all their "Data" on Skills, Abilities, Gears, Weapons, And Many More! And the winner of this tournament is granted a wish from his grace, a wish from a evil wish from a villain? Side Note: The God-like being shall be played by..other then the VISION-KING, but the identity of his name won't be reveal until much later in the story.-My Little Pony: The Numbers Hunt-This shall be a story to cross Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal's most popular cards 'NUMBERS' along with Astral in the Pony world 'Equestria'.Which I'll be using the more Japanese version of that series.)-My Little Pony: Pirates Adventure-Join Twilight Sparkle & her friends, as they come across the strangest adventure yet..the high seas?

Og med en kontinuerlig utvikling står DORMA godt rustet til nye flyplassoppdrag. Du kan si vi begynner å bli kjent når det gjelder flyplasser, smiler Nyman. I offentlige bygg, institusjoner og i hotell- og restaurantbransjen, for eksempel, påpeker Nyman.… continue reading »

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Indeed you have acted a lover’s part in my life for the past thirty years, and tho I daresay, it’s not much to boast of, I should have been a worse woman without Bernard Shaw….”When imagining the quintessential ladies’ man—one doesn’t immediately think of the Irish dramatist, George Bernard Shaw (1856-1950)—or at least, I don't.… continue reading »

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NO DISTRIBUTIONS WILL BE MADE TO HOLDERS OF LTIs ON MAY 1, 2018. ("WMIC" and together with WMI, the "Debtors") filed voluntary petitions for relief under chapter 11 of the United States Bankruptcy Code in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware (the "Court") (Case No. On February 24, 2012 (the "Confirmation Date"), the Court entered an order confirming the Debtors' Modified Seventh Amended Joint Plan of Affiliated Debtors Pursuant to Chapter 11 of the United Stated Bankruptcy Code, dated December 12, 2011 as modified (the "Plan").… continue reading »

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