Updating variables in xquery

28-Jan-2020 15:09

updating variables in xquery-70

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These XQuery functions are contained in classes that you can declare in the prolog of your XQuery expression.To see specifics about the functions available, install the OSM SDK and extract the OSM Javadocs from the The distributed order template is an option you can set on an order item specification to modify the method used to store order item data.The current context is a single node from sales Order Lines, which is one of the nodes returned by executing the orchestration sequence order item selector against the input message (see "About Order Sequence Order Item Selector XQuery Expressions").field for the order item must map to an existing OSM fulfillment pattern entity.You can create the condition in the order item specification and select them in the decomposition rule, or you can create them directly in the decomposition rule.The following is an example of two decomposition rules, each having a condition set that determines whether an order item is included in the target order component or not.

When using a distributed order template, any XQuery expressions that reference order item data must be in a particular format.

In this example: declare namespace im=" declare namespace osm=" fn:normalize-space(osm:properties/im:region/text())='Toronto') declare namespace im=" namespace osm=" declare namespace im=" declare namespace osm=" fn:exists(osm:from Order Component/osm:order Item[fn:normalize-space(osm:properties/im: Region/text())='Toronto']) For some functions, there is only one target system in the topology.