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18-Dec-2019 06:41

I know what "clean-system" does, and I've read it's best used when upgrading from one version to another.I've been using Slackware for just over a month, and have updated twice, using: slackpkg update slackpkg upgrade-all It would be appreciated if someone could tell me what is the best way to be updating 14.2 -stable, and I'm not interested in running -current at the moment.It also doesn't show anything on my system from kdei, which I don't have installed.

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This command will not install any other packages which are not yet installed.

If I remember right, it will only flag programs that are in the changelog as "Added.", so it shouldn't add programs that were just never selected in the first place (so if you didn't install KDE when you first installed Slackware, it shouldn't prompt you to install it again -- you would need to override it using "slackpkg install PACKAGE/SERIES" to install missing applications).