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*Filter candidates using Test Your and save 80% time ( saving time for recruiters and interviewers) *More than 50% candidates can be filtered on Candidate Screening online tests *Inbuilt exams are available in library, created and tested by experts Try Today... Answer: Parallel Processing is broadly classified into 2 types. Question: What is Modulus and Splitting in Dynamic Hashed File? Question: Have you ever involved in updating the DS versions like DS 5.

DATASTAGE Frequently asked Questions and Tutorials: 1. Answer: In a Hashed File, the size of the file keeps changing randomly. The often Parameterized variables in a job are: DB DSN name, username, password, dates W. X, if so tell us some the steps you have taken in doing so? The following are some of the steps: Definitely take a back up of the whole project(s) by exporting the project as a file See that you are using the same parent folder for the new version also for your old jobs using the hard-coded file path to work.

Answer: As the names itself suggest what they mean. The Data file has a default size of 2GB and the overflow file is used if the data exceeds the 2GB size. Question: Compare and Contrast ODBC and Plug-In stages? Question: What are OConv () and Iconv () functions and where are they used? Question: Functionality of Link Partitioner and Link Collector?

Derivation - Expression that specifies value to be passed on to the target column. B) Dynamic - sub divided into 2 types i) Generic ii) Specific Default Hased file is "Dynamic - Type Random 30 D" Question: What are Static Hash files and Dynamic Hash files? Answer: Container is a collection of stages used for the purpose of Reusability. A) Local Container: Job Specific B) Shared Container: Used in any job within a project. Answer: By using "Excec SH" command at Before/After job properties.

Q 21 What are Ascential Dastastage Products, Connectivity Ans: Ascential Products Ascential Data Stage Ascential Data Stage EE (3) Ascential Data Stage EE MVS Ascential Data Stage TX Ascential Quality Stage Ascential Meta Stage Ascential RTI (2) Ascential Profile Stage Ascential Audit Stage Ascential Commerce Manager Industry Solutions Connectivity Files RDBMS Real-time PACKs EDI Other Q 22 Explain Data Stage Architecture? DSMake Job Report Insert arguments into the message template.

DSLog Warn Generate a string describing the complete status of a valid attached job. Explain Star-Schema and Snowflake Schema with difference.

It can be a collection of key values called as composite primary key. There are several methods of partition like Hash, DB2, Random etc...

DSTransform Error Convert a job control status or error code into an explanatory text message. B) Snowflake Schema - Complex with more Granularity. Question: Importance of Surrogate Key in Data warehousing?

DSSend Mail Log a warning message to a job log file.

Monster Dimension: If rapidly changes in Dimension are known as Monster Dimension. These macros provide the functionality of using the DSGet Project Info, DSGet Job Info, DSGet Stage Info, and DSGet Link Info functions with the DSJ.

Junk Dimension: The Dimension table, which contains only flags. These can be used in expressions (for example for use in Transformer stages), job control routines, filenames and table names, and before/after subroutines.

Data Stage Manager: We can view and edit the Meta data Repository. We can export the Data stage components in or format. s properties and allows other jobs to be run and controlled from the first job. Specify the job you want to control DSAttach Job Set parameters for the job you want to control DSSet Param Set limits for the job you want to control DSSet Job Limit Request that a job is run DSRun Job Wait for a called job to finish DSWait For Job Gets the meta data details for the specified link DSGet Link Meta Data Get information about the current project DSGet Project Info Get buffer size and timeout value for an IPC or Web Service stage DSGet IPCStage Props Get information about the controlled job or current job DSGet Job Info Get information about the meta bag properties associated with the named job DSGet Job Meta Bag Get information about a stage in the controlled job or current job DSGet Stage Info Get the names of the links attached to the specified stage DSGet Stage Links Get a list of stages of a particular type in a job.

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