Updating mysql mac os x

11-Dec-2019 16:30

updating mysql mac os x-29

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My SQL pid ended (cannot start mysql) I tried to use the files and also I tried to create my own PID file but it were removed automatically. Edit 1: The output of executing simidat-apps:~ admin$ sudo mysqld --user=mysql Password: 2015-11-18 140735160397824 [Note] mysqld (mysqld 10.1.8-Maria DB) starting as process 81030 ...

A possible solution was completely uninstall My SQL and reinstall again: Another one was to modify the , but this files were identical to the solutions offered so it can not solve my problem. I think two possibilities: In one hand could be that I didn't uninstall completely My SQL and there is something doing bad thing and on the other hand is the ausence of the /etc/file is the problem. 2015-11-18 140735160397824 [Warning] Setting lower_case_table_names=2 because file system for /usr/local/var/mysql/ is case insensitive 2015-11-18 140735160397824 [ERROR] mysqld: File '/usr/local/var/mysql/aria_log_control' not found (Errcode: 13 "Permission denied") 2015-11-18 140735160397824 [ERROR] mysqld: Got error 'Can't open file' when trying to use aria control file '/usr/local/var/mysql/aria_log_control' 2015-11-18 140735160397824 [ERROR] Plugin 'Aria' init function returned error.

Though the OS X Server docs say it's "normal" to have multiple versions of My SQL on your machine they don't go into any detail of how to "manage" them.

I have built and installed a newer version (5.1.40) than the original that Apple bundled (5.0.x).

Resist the urge to kill -9 [PID] because you can corrupt your data.

It's pointing to I'm not sure how to resolve your issue, but maybe you could trying using Homebrew or another OS X package manager to handle your software. EDIT: Sorry, just realized you are using OS X SERVER, I'm not familiar with it or if you should be using Homebrew on it.2015-11-18 140735160397824 [Note] Plugin 'FEEDBACK' is disabled.