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I was a Boy Scout and it was embarrassing at the time to admit to my peers that it was important to me. I'm handy, I love the outdoors, I'm curious.

I helped start DIY because I wanted to create a way for to learn skills and feel good about it.

To me, he represents the wonder of California, the painstaking craft of analog art.

Just last night Isaiah and I were the last two in the office at 10pm.

to me, DIY is a great catalyst at getting users away from the computer and trying real life stuff out (and then post and share etc. I loved using it (until I got busted as an adult)I think the era of career monogamy is over.

None of us can count on doing one thing for the rest of our lives.

If you could start a website about anything knowing beforehand that it would be popular, what would you start?

Also, thanks for not screwing up the comments like some other popular video-sharing website that shall remain unnamed.

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I hope to pass down the love of gardening I inherited from my mom, which for me was the platform for realizing the natural wonder of the world. Also, I hope he or she will dance as well as my wife.Practically, the toughest challenge is building secretly enough to avoid the local code enforcer.;)Zach, It's pretty obvious you great at creating communities of motivated people who share your passions.Kickstarter, especially its founders Charles Adler, Perry Chen, Yancey Stricker.

I admire them because they don't view themselves as the inventors of Kickstarter, rather just the people who discovered it ...

and their motivation is to protect it like a beautiful natural resource. I've been following you across social media ever since stumbling upon Peter Stichbury's portrait of you several years ago.

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