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Jenifer's sisters Meredith and Valerie were on hand last night, as well as their mom, Marilyn.Along with Martha, they helped this oldster amble down memory lane.“I remember Fisher [Stevens, the founder of the Naked Angels] brought Michelle Pfeifer as his date one year. We followed them to the buffet table and just, well, watched them eat,” the sisters recounted.“And remember the night Jackie O came?Had I been serious about the exercise, I think it would have been numbingly confusing.After ten dates they all seemed the same, and what about the horror of the second date? I decided that only pretty, confident, and attractive people subject themselves to this. I worried that she would pick me in her “Date-Mate Top 5” so as I walked home on the windy streets I tried to send her a telepathic message...The Angels’ last shindig had literally a cast of thousands.I remember some sort of problem with the parking...This is what my notes read like at the end of the night: Here are some things I learned:1. The guys kind of all stood around joking nervously while the girls diligently worked their little spreadsheets.

I decided to play it coy and instead wrote notes about each number that I thought would help me decide later. (I don't know what I was expecting.)At the halfway mark I was exhausted.

Inscrites avec mes amies Cindy et Ophélie dans cette drôle d'aventure, nous avons passé un excellent moment.

Plutôt habituées des sorties en discothèque, nous avons apprécié nos discussions avec les 11 garçons que l'on nous a...

First stop was the Naked Angels 25th anniversary gala at Roseland Ballroom.

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But that didn't stop me from thrusting myself out the door last night, determined to drink from the cup of love.Chaired by Sarah Jessica Parker and her husband, Matthew Broderick, the event brought back together 42 of the 48 founding members of the theater group, according to event producer Julianne Hoffenberg.