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31-Jan-2020 06:28

Touch can be a way of indicating attraction or a way of building comfort.

It’s also worth noting: this is very dependent both on social context and on the individual.Even something as simple as a light touch on the arm can make the difference between walking away from the conversation and setting up a date.Think about it: we simply don’t touch our friends the way we touch our potential lovers.It’s very simple: when she says something that impresses you or makes you laugh, you say “that’s awesome.

You get a high-five,” then offer a high-five with your fingers spread.

It’s absolutely critical to remember that women frequently find that people treat their personal space as public property. First and foremost: all touch carries a message, even if that message was “oops, didn’t mean to.” Touch can be subtle, and the you touch someone can convey very different meanings – even if it’s in the same place.

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