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25-Feb-2020 18:45

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Six months later he approached me and said that Maker Studios needed to take a bigger cut of revenue from my online show “Equals Three,” and asked me to renegotiate my existing contract eight months prior to its expiration.

I was reluctant to renegotiate my contract at first, but eventually I agreed.

Despite their thuggish negotiation tactics, their attempts to trash me, and the CEO’s personal claim to a criminal record, I still refrained from calling them out publicly, because again, that’s not who I am as a person.

Even as I write this, I feel a bit out of character.

I’m not sure as to why he confessed to having an alleged criminal record, but this is not something I was informed of prior to signing with them, and it may have influenced my decision had I known beforehand.

Regardless, I’m not one to judge someone for something that they may or may not have done in their past, so I tried to forget about it.

A day after that, they shut down production on “Equals Three,” a show that has been running strong for nearly 4 years – all of this in hopes of strong-arming me into signing over my intellectual property.They wanted 40% of my Youtube channel’s Adsense revenue after production costs, and more importantly, they wanted 50% of the show’s intellectual property in perpetuity.Let me clarify: they wanted to own 50% of the intellectual property of “Equals Three” for the rest of eternity and weren’t offering much in return. When I politely refused their deal, as it was not in my best interest, they became increasingly aggressive.After three weeks of failed negotiations, they suddenly brought me two other possible term sheets which were equally as unfair as the one shown.

They more or less said that if I didn’t sign one of their deals they were going to shut down production on the album I was recording with their company.Negotiations quickly became a bizarre pissing contest between the heads at Maker Studios and myself.

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