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It is far more easy to that flesh and blood that cannot enter the kingdom of heaven. A Roman family-Bible was also published, and thousands were sold, and may now be found in the palaces of the wealthy, the Son, and in which I remain thy friend and brother, W. I have seldom of late had occa- sion to open my mouth publicly, and while there is something in me that would fain be doing, I have been favored at times to feel true resignation to the Master's allotment: and fervent desires are raised that I may be so kept in true humility before Him as to be preserved from any meddling in my own will and my own way, in that blessed work whicb if carried on rightly, must be only by his own Spirit. I told him of the great listress I had felt, day and night. So we nade friends, and the unity was never again n-oken, for afterwards, when we met, we al-l vays bad good feelings. Waring, a Friend, of Leominster, Eng- and, was related by a clergyman of the Church ne afternoon in bis shop, among his work- deople, it was strongly impressed on his mind hat he must set off directly to the neighbor- ng town of Ross.

Or are we walking in the broad way, with the multi- tude, that leads to destruction ? These Bibles were soon sold, and further editions were called for. * * * A prayer is sometimes begotten that I may be more in earnest, and not flag in the warfare which is to be maintained with the enemy of mj^ soul, who is ever ready and close at hand to cause us to slip. We both stood still for some time, intil tears began to run down my face ; he n shed tears also.

Bowditch on the injurious Observations on the elicits of, upon boys, 318. A short delaj' having occurred in the reception of a ew supply of Bibles, he again opened his stall on their arrival, and sold thousands to the eager citizens.* * At Frascati in the Roman Territories some miles distant, the priests took more active measures to prevent the entrance of the Bible, hut they resulted in their own discomtiture. A Scientific* lommission, consisting o inicri, Cuiscardi and Agiolora will go Ischia to-day to study tin' cause of the re there. 19 inue to advance in Italy, if aided by those vho sit in the light of the Gospel, none can loubt. On one house were perched two ring-doves, with their wings closely folded, which must have belonged to the occupants.

Regulation lately adopted by Methodists in reference to the use of, 383. A considerable number of Bibles having been purchased by the inquiring, the priests took the alarm and determined to destroy them. Twenty thousand llorins, whirl lected toward a permanent exhibition : devoted to the sufferers. But the people of Italy have been so 3ng crushed beneath the iron heel of despot- sm, that their mental and spiritual elevation oust be but gradual. The balconies were smashed, and their railings strangely twisted.

These no doubt felt an ar- dent desire to judge for themselves why it had been deemed so dangerous. Wherever we saw one of their stores they seemed to us like an oasis in the desert of spiritual ignorance and indifference around, and we wore always sure of a friend- ly greeting by the agent in attendance. No one came, and while waiting, be gave his horse in charge to a boy in the street, bidding him take it to a brother Quaker's, one George Dew, and say that the owner of the horse would sleep at his house that night. He did not, at first, sell any, and the people asked "why offer us your books? During the summer Rome is deserted by the upper classes, and business calling the ssionary to America, he was obliged to leave his rooms and gave up tho lease. Further information may be obtained upon applica- tion to the Treasurer of the Committee. The great majority of the bouses and villas, and especially those situated at the Maddalena, are reduced to unrecognizable heaps of ruins — to great mounds of building refuse — but formed of fragments for the most part far too massive for any human hand to lift. Our colporteur taking as many as he could carry, offered them for sale in the Corso, calling out " II Libro," the Book. Happily nono of his pupils were recognized among the class issembled. The primary Schools on Cherry St., and at Sixth and Noble Sts., will be continued. That is a small portion of the main road leading upwards, where it skirts, cornice fashion, the side of the hill. Here and in other places there have been landslips, and largo trees, carried half way down, are hanging horizontally from their sides, with telegraph wires still extended from them. On arriving he found another Bible agent, and still a third, each having started with the same intent! May I not in some degree adopt the language of the Psalmist, ' My soul is as a weaned child.' O may this be more and more my experience, and may I now in my going forth to this weighty and awful work, be en- gaged to cry mightily unto God for wisdom to walk uprightly before his people, and that in a sense of my own un worthiness, I may abide in true subjection aud humility before Him. No one is permitted to act as a teachei unless he or she has obtained a certificate from the authorities that they are competent. "Sir," said she, "I can tell you for what you are come ; it is to save me.

rreligious dating related 1 txt 1-47

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On reading this proclama- tion, a colporteur or Bible distributor started from Florence, hoping to enter Perugia with the first free merchandize. Besides these active Bible agencies, there are Evangelioal Publication Societies, which issuo religious books, tracts aud sundry weekly and monthly past, and I can say that I have been made afresh sensible of theimportanceof a thorough subjection of the creaturely will, wherein there is no disposition to go forth in our'own armor, but a patient abiding in watchful singleness for the movements of the great Leader. To obtain compe- tent teachers was very difficult, where all bad been bred in error or were in spiritual dark- ness. " He told her in all simplicity that be did not know, but that if she would listen for a few moments to what he had to say, perhaps she herself might ex- plain it. and be related to her the way bis mind had been impressed, remarking, in conclusion, " And having told this, I can only repeat that I do not know for what I am come." The young woman was much affected, and wept bitterly.

Hith- erto Bibles had not been permitted to enter on any condition. 340 Bibles, 1300 New Testaments and 1213 portions of the latter — making a total of 2853. Many difficulties have beset the path o those who were foremost in introducing th( Bible into Rome, and in opening schools f'oi instruction in its truths. After waiting long at the door of the house, a young woman opened it, and timidly asked, " what he pleased to want?