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The guy was the backbone teaching of everything I've spent 4 years of my life doing, and I valued him more than these words on a site can convey. Update Sun June 5 from Ken: thanks to all of you for sending in these very special tribute emails, .

It's been a blessing to see all the kind words from so many people who Corey's helped.... I'll record some kind of audio/video message sometime soon...

I know that Corey motivated me to be successful on the internet, as he did for so many of you as well, and I work to try and carry on, to apply all of what I've learned from him, to help others.

Update Monday July 4th 2005 from Ken: I just received a touching memorial letter from John, Corey's father, and have posted it at the top of the site. Apologize it's been a few days since I've updated the site, will do asap with the most recent letters.

It's a damn shame to lose such a gifted, driven, talented friend so soon. Corey Rudl, a bright, talented internet marketer, and valued colleague and mentor to me for years, was killed in a race car accident on June 2nd, 2005 at am.

He was in a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT, being driven by Benjamin Keaton.

the fire in his eyes, the genuine enthusiasm about how to add value and market to people around the world online....those images are always with me, and motivated me for years.

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When I can compose myself again, I'll get a message up on the site.From the coroner's report: On 6-2-05 at AM, Benjamin Miles Keaton, age: 39, from La Jolla , was driving a 2005 Porsche Carrera GT on the inside track at the Fontana Motor Speedway in Fontana with Corey Nicholas Rudl, age: 34, from La Jolla , as a passenger.While traveling westbound on an inside track, the driver apparently lost control, left the north side, careened onto a grass area, collided into a K-rail barrier and caught fire.He absolutely adored his wife, he loved doing business, he loved cars, and he loved his family.

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His life coach told me at his Memorial, I never met anyone who had such an ability to not hold a grudge.

Thanks for sharing -- I'll pass this page link to Tracy, along with the folks at Internet Marketing Center/IMC, which Corey founded. thanks to all of you who've been sending in emails, I'm updating the site 3-4 times/day w/new emails...