Relative dating techniques include

18-Jan-2020 18:54

Paleontology is limited to the study of sedimentary deposits where fossils are preserved, but can be used in establish relative ages of nearby igneous intrusion, faults, and other geologic features.

With the cumulative experience of centuries of paleontological research, the chronology of many fossil species are well established in context of both geologic time and distribution.

Relatively young deposits can be sometimes dated using tree rings, varved-lake sediments, coral growth patterns, and other methods.

Paleontology is the study of life in past geologic periods (fossil plants and animals), incorporating knowledge of an organism's phylogeny, relationships to existing organisms, and correlation to an established chronology of Earth History.

Oxygen isotopes (-O) are widely used in correlation of Quaternary marine sediments.

relative dating techniques include-12

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Geologic research and mapping requires the determinations of the ages and composition of rocks.Geochronology is the science of dating and determining the time sequence of events in the history of the Earth.

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