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But he also estimates that 100 to 200 Protestants were murdered.“The most disturbing without any doubt is the west Cork Bandon pogrom that took place in April 1922.Emigration and the Ne Temere decree were the driving factors in this decline.”Ne Temere, the Catholic doctrine on mixed marriages, was seen by many as helping ensure the resulting children were brought up as Catholics.By contrast Catholic numbers “steadily increased” in the south in the same period and in Northern Ireland increased from about 35% of the population to 45% today.There was a feeling of uncertainty and in some cases there were actual murders of Protestants, particularly in rural areas.There was a pretty nasty pogrom in west Cork but there were other incidents of violence.”READ MORE: ‘Memories of southern terror against Protestants burnt very deep’He carried out his work with support from Prof Brian Walker from Queen’s University Belfast.“In 1911 there were about 300,000 native Irish Protestants in the 26 counties but there was a drop of 175,000 from 1911 to 2011, or about a 60% drop in the Protestant population.“This surely tells a story.

Robin borrows the term “ethnic cleansing” to describe the most violent period, but says this later evolved into a milder form described by West of Ireland Protestant Fiona Murphy. It wasn’t aggressive or violent after the Free State was formed.Patrick’s Day, and other Celtic culture and activities then, you’ve found the right place.