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If the script says 'A Mercedes pulls up here,' the car people will show you three or four different Mercedes.

One will be white, one will be black, one will be silver. Michael knows how things are going to look on camera.

Many episodes of Miami Vice were filmed in the South Beach section of Miami Beach, an area which, at the time, was blighted by poverty and crime, with its demographic so deteriorated that there "simply weren’t many people on the street. The crew went to great lengths to find the correct settings and props.

The USA Network began airing reruns in 1988, and broadcast an originally unaired episode during its syndication run of the series on January 25, 1990.

At Miami Vice they start with what's necessary and go beyond it." and quite a few of those buildings, among them many beachfront hotels, have been renovated since filming, making that part of South Beach one of South Florida's most popular places for tourists and celebrities.

in North Miami instead, and only carry out post-production in L. In a few scenes particularly in earlier episodes, Greenwich Studios' rear loading dock is repeatedly portrayed as the back room of the Gold Coast Shipping building, where the offices of the vice squad are located.

There is a fascinating amount of service industries that revolve around the drug trade--money laundering, bail bondsmen, attorneys who service drug smugglers.

Miami has become a sort of Barbary Coast of free enterprise gone berserk.

The art department instantly painted the house gray for me.