Nstextfield setstringvalue not updating

08-Dec-2019 14:02

objective-c,osx,cocoa,xib,nib You could use the load Nib Named:owner:top Level Objects: method.Here's an example: NSArray *views = nil; NSBundle main Bundle] load Nib Named:@"Test View1" owner:nil top Level Objects:&views]; [add Subview:[views last Object; The above code will load the top-level contents of the XIB into an array.

, row: Int) - osx,swift,cocoa,nstableview,cocoa-bindings The Class Name should absolutely be set to a valid class.

The bigger problem is that the array controller doesn't really play nicely with arrays of strings.

So adding a setter, or better yet, change the code to simply: var custom Sort Descriptors = [NSSort Descriptor(key: "string", ascending: true, selector: "localized Standard Compare:")]; fixed the error and both, automatic and manual sorting works....


..just use that in conjunction with make View With Identifier:: func table View(table View: NSTable View, view For Table Column table Column: NSTable Column?

objective-c,swift,cocoa,libdispatch Calling dispatch_io_close(DISPATCH_IO_STOP) will cause running dispatch_io_read operations to be interrupted and their handlers to be passed to ECANCELED error (along with partial results), see the dispatch_io_close(3) manpage.

Note that this does not interrupt the actual I/O system calls, it just prevents additional I/O system calls from being entered, so you... To make sure it's returning the value you want when you do read it, you need to subclass the class in question, override...

Example: NSArray *array = @[@"[apple]", @"[boy]", @"[dog]", @"cat"]; NSPredicate *pred = [NSPredicate predicate With Format:@"self matches %@", @"\[dog\]"]; NSLog(@"%@", [array filtered Array Using Predicate:pred]); About your update: predicate With Format is not like string With Format, as it does some additional jobs...

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objective-c,xcode,osx,cocoa,storage I got my answer from the link. NSError *error; NSFile Manager *fm = [NSFile Manager default Manager]; NSDictionary *attr = [fm attributes Of File System For Path:@"/" error:&error]; NSLog(@"Attr: %@", attr); float totalsize Gb = [[attr object For Key: NSFile System Size]float Value] / 1000000000; NSLog(@" size in GB %.2f",totalsize Gb); float freesize Gb = [[attr object For Key: NSFile System Free Size]float Value]...

xcode,osx,swift,cocoa If a variable is read-only (i.e. objective-c,cocoa There are a few items of concern with your code considering the goals you mentioned and in general.