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05-Feb-2020 13:52

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I just planned what I would eat, entered it into the app and looked at the bottom line to make sure I wasn't overeating.

Katherine Isacks, MPS, RD, CDE works as a nutrition and dieting advisor for My Net Diary online service.

When you add exercises to your plan, My Net Diary will calculate your tracked exercise calories and include them in your daily and weekly analysis. My Net Diary offers Meal Planning solutions via 21-day meal plans (currently for TLC and Paleo diets).

Use them to jumpstart a healthy diet or get back on track.

Count your calories from anywhere: at a restaurant, in a gym, on a plane or on vacation without Internet, from PC, tablet or phone.

Mobilize to achieve your weight goal with fully-featured My Net Diary apps for i Phone and i Pad, Android, Windows and Black Berry phones and tablets.

Plan and track carbs, fats, proteins and all nutrients along with exercise.

Monitor your body measurements, blood glucose and cholesterol, blood pressure, medications and diabetes-specific conditions.

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My Net Diary is a natural weight control solution following the scientific guidelines of American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics.

My Net Diary did all the calculations for me – it automatically adjusted how many calories I could eat.

Type in a food name - we count and show your calories. We know half-a-million foods from restaurants, brand names and common foods.

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