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The show was a huge success, regularly drawing in over 6 million viewers.

In December 2010, Julia Bradbury presented One Born Every Christmas, a live five-part Channel 4 series that provided an intimate and moving look into the maternity unit of the Princes Anne Hospital in Southampton.

Gopher still wants to make time with the bridesmaids, but Capt. *Note: In this episode, Tony Roberts is only seen in flashbacks of his previous appearance. Phillip Schaeffer 3.4 [--] The Love Boat: 29-Sep-1979 ABC Sat Written by Ben Joelson & Art Baer, Carmen Finestra, Haskell arkin Directed by James Sheldon & Alan Rafkin (1) DOC, BE PATIENT Flirtatious Doc has the flu and must follow the instructions of a beautiful female doctor. (2) THE SCOOP TV star Jackie Landers takes the cruise with her disabled son, but fears for their privacy when she discovers that a gossip magazine writer is on board. (3) ONE ROSE A DAY A widow meets the man responsible for sending her roses - her longtime florist. (3) DADDY'S PRIDE A young gymnast grows tired of the pressure placed on her by her overbearing father, who is determined to mold her into an Olympic champion. Any sales or other uses of this document are expressly forbidden, without the specific consent of the author(s).

3.3 [55] The Love Boat: 22-Sep-1979 ABC Sat Written by Jan Jessel, Tom Dunsmuir, Bob Fraser & Rob Dames Directed by Alan Rafkin (1) OLDIES BUT GOODIES An older couple finds its attempts at romance complicated by the presence of her obnoxious, golddigging daughter and his overprotective manservant. (2) DANCE WITH ME Marcy, a former dancer who has now opened her own school tries to convince her ex-partner to come to Germany to teach for her. (3) MY BOYFRIEND'S BACK A man tries to steal his ex-girlfriend away from her new husband. Guest Cast in Alphabetical Order: Don Ameche ......... A lonely rich boy, travelling on the cruise alone, tries to encourage her to have some fun.

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Marshall Stubing Gavin Mac Leod also plays Marshall Stubing in this episode. 15Mar80 ABC Sat Produced by Ben Joelson and Art Baer and Henry Colman Written by Ray Jessel, Tony Webster, Ben Joelson & Art Baer Directed by Roger Duchowny. (1) DUMB LUCK Julie worries that her brilliant nuclear physicist friend will never find a man because her intelligence intimidates suitors.

The groom's mother tries to hide the truth about her crumbling finances. The best man tries to make a play for Julie; but she cannot stop thinking about her ex-flame Jack, who lives in Alaska. Guest Stars in Alphabetical Order: Sandra Deel .......... Stubing's request that she take part in the performance. Steinbeck, Michael Cody, Jeff Parker, Jim Taylor The Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders come on board as part of a charity fundraiser for an Acapulco orphanage. (2) THE NEXT STEP A man has been cut from his football team makes everyone's life miserable. Dotty Anderson * (end cast credits - to be verified) Aharon Ipale (Ricardo) Sid Gould (Sidney) Tony Ballen (Dan) Ted Chapman (Dotty's Suitor) 3.15 [67] The Love Boat: 08-Dec-1979 ABC Sat Written by Carmen Finestra, Fred Grandy, Tony Webster Directed by Richard Kinon (1) THE SPIDER SERENADE Gopher finds romance with a recently separated passenger--until her estranged husband suddenly shows up and announces his intention of winning her back. * Guest Stars in Alphabetical Order: Kaye Ballard ........ (5) THE AFFAIR Two couples take the cruise together. Gopher tries to cheer the woman by asking her to dance and giving her what he thinks is a cheap toy ring, unaware that it is actually a passenger's lost engagement ring. Two sisters overhear Janet pretending to fend off an attack by Isaac, and come to believe that a sex maniac is loose on the ship. (3) NO GIRLS FOR DOC The male members of the crew are shocked when Doc swears off women, so challenge him to a bet.