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13-Jan-2020 21:08

I was forcing her into the wall as my cock fucked into her from behind.Her large, pendulous breasts, squashed, bounced and pounded the wall.The kettle’s whistle interrupted yet another bout of silence.Melissa turned to pour the water and make the coffee, handing me a mug as soon as she stirred it.They were a feeble attempt to know whether anyone else was going to turn up.

She let me take one of the bags and started to walk towards her house.“So what are you really doing here? She put her bag on the floor and after fishing her key out of her handbag she opened the door. I had already made a bit of a fool of myself, so to take this any further would have been a big mistake.“Yes, I’d love to,” I found myself telling her.Her lips quivered and her tongue slipped out from between them to lick her upper lip.“I… As I turned, I expected Melissa to follow me to the door, let me out and say goodbye.I caught a glimpse of her in the large letterbox mirror that almost filled the length of the opposite wall.It’s one of those decisions you know you shouldn’t make but can’t help it. I had always thought of her from time to time, simply because I believed, just as we were breaking up, that I had understood her.

I was in the general area of an Ex-girlfriend of mine, one that I had not seen for ages and something just came over me, a desire to find out if she still lived in the same house, and if so, how she was keeping? Over the years, I had mulled events over in my head, but my head kept telling me that it would be nice to know for sure. ”I secretly shook my head in despair at my attempt at surprise but I could tell she knew the truth.

I took a sip of coffee as Melissa placed her cup on the table beside the sofa.