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Emerging from and representing the Jewish community, the collection principally reflects the work, lives and contribution of British and European artists of Jewish descent. For nearly sixteen years between 17, Dr Benjamin Franklin - scientist, diplomat, philosopher, inventor, Founding Father of the USA and more - lived behind its doors.Built circa 1730, it is today a museum devoted to his life in London.Visitors to the Museum can see Fleming's laboratory, restored to its 1928 condition, and explore the story of Fleming and the discovery and development of penicillin through displays and video.The Anaesthesia Heritage Centre contains the Associations archives, the Anaesthesia Museum and a rare book collection and is open to everyone.Next door is also Bentley Priory Nature Reserve, which is worth a visit.Former mansion house that once housed a major command centre for the RAF during WW2, now with ground floor and basement converted into museum.Another section, called The Bank Today, uses modern technology to bring the Bank's current activities to a wider audience.Barnet Museum is a free local history Museum in North London run by volunteers.

It was formed to preserve the records and artefacts of British Airways predecessor companies BOAC, BEA, BSAA and the pre-war Imperial Airways and British Airways Ltd.

There is also a large museum in some of the side rooms, which is more a random collection of WW2 memorabilia, and has a good collection of quirky objects.

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