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It is of course not known which earlier sources, since disappeared, may have been used in the compilation of the later manuscripts.

Nevertheless, this phenomenon of expanded information over time does not inspire confidence in the overall reliability of the data.

If the hypothesis is correct, what then would have inspired the later chroniclers to add bogus information?

It is not easy to place oneself in the mind of the later medieval chronicler.

The obvious explanation is that the succession was claimed by the most powerful individual at the time, and that there was no particular pattern or custom which governed the right to the throne.

No evidence has been uncovered to support any hypothesis regarding any succession pattern of these early kings.

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Assuming that the information is correct, the Scottish chronicles reveal a remarkably regular alternation of royal succession between two collateral lines of descent from the earliest kings, with no case of a son succeeding his father.

The early history of Scotland is characterised by the absence of contemporary Scottish sources before the 10th century.

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