Javascript code for validating textbox

12-Jan-2020 15:41

The tutorial explores Java Script validation on submit with detail explanation.Following pictorial shows in which field, what validation we want to case extra validation like restricting validation to some of the controls only, that would be decided at the function calling level.In my windows form projects , i have validated the fields using Boolean method.

It’s often important to capture a number’s international dialing code.//reported to validate incorrectly: [email protected] as true /[A-Z0-9._% -] @[A-Z0-9-] .In this document, we have discussed Java Script Form Validation using a sample registration form.function form Validation() function userid_validation(uid,mx,my) function passid_validation(passid,mx,my) function all Letter(uname) function alphanumeric(uadd) function countryselect(ucountry) function allnumeric(uzip) function Validate Email(uemail) function validsex(umsex,ufsex) Flowchart: file_download Download the validation code from here.

You can view this Sample Java Script Registration From Validation Example in a separate browser window and check how the validation is working.In some cases, the context might mean they aren’t required.