Is nick carter still dating lauren kitt

18-Nov-2019 06:05

Do homework with the kids, eat, put the little ones to bed…and then off to the bedroom for fireworks and for REAL MEN to admire the curves of the women in their lives. Those guys have kids too (or at least pets and wonderful armoires). Trying to grow the Gorilla Suit we all call MUSCLE and shaping it for your lives. It has gotten better like an Italian wine over the years.Taking it from the gym and into this thing we all call LIFE. So stop it with the negative MEMES on different races and lifestyles. Also, don’t worry about ROSEANNE’S feelings either. I remember her version of the National Anthem and I thought the late Ms. If my opinion editorial offends, she can use her money to wipe her tears, and not try to cash in on People’s Fears! Men who are built strong and not afraid of a fight. Your flesh is forever…like The David statue in Italy.MILANO411 readers, say hello to Senor Charly Rodriguez Hernandez.If you live in the States, or Italy, or anywhere; have a great Mexican beer today and eat Mexican. Ciao from Milano…Gio Benedice (God Bless) from the staff of Milano411**PUBLISHER’S NOTE: Hey guys, let’s learn to LOVE and stop the You know who you are.Please do us a favor, make sure your white sheets aren’t made in Italy or by another fabulous Americano designer. If you’re a Muscle Bro doing your hustle in the gym to build and sew that Gorilla Suit, know that you’re not alone. IG: FACEBOOK: He’s soon to leave FB. **PUBLISHER’S NOTE: The staff of MILANO411 would like to thank Michael Dunn for taking the time to share his story with us and you. : Be real, no nonsense, and contact us on FACEBOOK.

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This is a man who has sculpted his life like an artist. We salute you on your country’s day, Happy Cinco de Mayo!Men who have the DISCIPLINE to control what they eat and have the heart to love their Brothers of Iron, regardless of the color of their skin…Kris Milano, Peace Out from MILANO – The Fashion Capital of the World….) MORE PHOTOS OF CHARLY: LIKED THIS ARTICLE?