Intimidating sports chants

16-Nov-2019 15:32

About a week later we received in the mail our membership letter thanking us for joining and signed by Archie Manning who was National President. “Still got those letters and a proclamation certifying us as ‘good standing members’ signed by Archie and Mr. What a predicament for Archie.” Letter two: “When when I was in high school in Lafayette in the late '60s, there was a cheer at USL (now ULa La) that went, ‘Who dat, who dat say they gonna beat them Cajuns. ’ There was a Cajun in my high school who slightly modified it to "Who dat, who day say they gonna beat them Lions, who dat? They play some version after a win, but the crowd cannot chime in because of the quick timing of Who-Dat, Who-Dat, Who-Dat. This chant started at a basketball game at Alcorn State University in Lorman, Miss. WCCO’s Mike Max asked some Eagles players, and found some reason for the issue with Minnesota. “Yeah I mean super, super passionate, I think everyone sees that. Every stat, every player on the team, all that.” And it seems that partnership works out well, as long as you perform anyway.It gets everyones attention and lightens the mood a little bit, putting the race into context a little bit I think. Weird looking 30-odd year old ex-marine with very long hair: "What makes the grass grow!

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So come on team let's go (clap)Get a touchdown, score a point Let's win this game We're friendly, we're nice We're your everyday team Both teams are number 1But Tigers are the best! But while it all seems like fun and games, there’s apparently a couple things the mall will not tolerate. Via NBC Sports Philadelphia: After a particularly raucous moment and loud Eagles cheer on Friday afternoon, security was on the case looking for who started the chant.We were told by mall security that fans starting the Eagles cheer would be given a warning before eventually being removed from the establishment for starting the chant. According to the mall’s conduct rules, loud offensive language, intimidating behavior and demonstrating are on the list of don’ts, and chanting E-A-G-L-E-S could arguably fall under any of those categories, especially if you’re a Vikings fan.Masks are also not allowed, so fans should watch out if they want to put a dog over their faces.

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MINNEAPOLIS (WCCO) — Many in these parts have some issues with the Philadelphia Eagle fans. They’ve got our back every time we step out there,” kicker Jake Elliot said.

The city is like that, the fans are like that and the team is like that. I’m not sure Vikings fans were too thrilled about that,” Eagles defender and Minnetonka native Beau Allen said.

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