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03-Dec-2019 03:57

But the very next day it became clear that not everyone shared our enthusiasm for multiculturalism.

On July 7, 52 people were murdered and more than 700 injured by four explosions on the London transport system.

Many explanations have been advanced — better teaching, new academies, innovative exchanges of classroom practice.

The one explanation that almost every Establishment report seems to reject is also the most likely.

Is there something that the rest can learn from their traditions and behaviour?

For example, one of the great educational successes of recent years has been the dramatic improvement in the performance of London’s schoolchildren at GCSE level.

We repaired the window, stepped up security, warned staff to be careful leaving the building and forgot all about it.

Like many people in my position, I find that such threats are a routine occurrence.

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Last year former Labour home secretary David Blunkett warned of increasing public fears about immigration.For me the shock was compounded by a dawning realisation that I might have to bear some personal responsibility for failing to see what was coming.