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30-Oct-2019 17:53

If not, I guess I'll have to write all of the validation in code too?

Couple of queries on the best way to go about that.

thanks I have created a detailed infopath form that is connecting to multiple sharepoint lists, some of which contain thousands of rows and dozens of columns.

Handle Insert Exception(Sql Connection conn, Exception e, Boolean new Item, String id) at System. are there transport protocols i can alter or something like that? any help would be gratefully appreciated as if i can not get the form to pull the data in fast through the browser then the whole project is a waste of time as my management team will never go for the solution if it is slow and will get slower as more data is added.

// The flag private bool _is Closing = false; // Action that avoids validation protected override void On Closing(Cancel Event Args e) // Validated event handler private void txt Control To Validate_Validated(object sender, Event Args e) // Do validation on complete so you'll remain on same thread void worker_Run Worker Completed(object sender, Run Worker Completed Event Args e) // Give a delay, I'm not sure this is necessary cause I tried to remove the Thread.

I have a fairly complex infopath 2010 browser form (Being used to process expense claims) that is using code to perform the submission rather than a rule.

In the blogs and forums they said like you can use this.currentview.expot() but in the infopath 2010 there is no method like export, i refere the as well. Thanks in advanced I'm relatively new to list form designing, but I've got most of want I want completed.

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In which case I could call for the fields to be validated before trying the submit, and abort if necessary.The initial submit uses code as it needs to do so using elevated privs, and further submissions need to submit back to the original library (one per user). All works fine, unless any of the validation fails.In that case the user gets a validation error, as expected, but when they click to confirm, the form closes and they lose their work.To create a validation event for a field you simply select the field in Info Path - click the "Developer" Ribbon - Validating Event and it automatically registers the event in your Form Code.

hope this helps You don't actually need to call the validate-routines yourself, they fire automatically when a Validation event happens (i.e. I'd create a boolean private member in your code, that indicates whether the validation passed for the (infopath) field and before you submit, you check if all members are valid (true) like this: private bool Some Integer1Valid = false; private bool Some Integer2Valid = false; public void Btn Submit Click(object sender, Clicked Event Args e) public void Some Integer1_Validating(object sender, Xml Validating Event Args e) public void Some Integer2_Validating(object sender, Xml Validating Event Args e) If you add a button to perform your own submit behaviour (using code), Info Path will execute your code even if the form has validation errors.

If i preview this form from within Infopath or if i launch it using Infopath filler this works great, the data is pulled through in under a second.

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