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“I never earned less than an A in the classes I made one-page study sheets.” Simple and straightforward, the ease of organizing notes in desktop folders attracts both the tech-savvy and the tech-allergic. Within that folder, I make a folder for each class, and for each class I have a new word document titled notes,” says Leah Villanueva.This technique also allows you to drop forms, web research and any other electronic data into the appropriate class folders, so nothing is lost.Yager also emphasizes the impact of visual aids and suggests diagrams, illustrations, color highlighters, or any other kind of visual that helps you emphasize what is most important to remember.“Whenever possible, review your notes within a few hours to edit and expand on the notes that you took in class,” says Hasmik Petrosian, manager of UNI-Prep Institute.It also comes with a web-snipping feature for a quick capture of online content, as well as a neat sharing tool for collaborative work or last minute proof-reads. Author Susan Froetschel has heard many students and writers called out for plagiarism that often began as a simple error in the note-taking process.Even if you put the notes in quotation marks, you might easily forget who and where they came from when it comes time to cite them in a paper.

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Practice management advisor, Joyce Brafford says “there’s no shame in drawing charts or shapes if it aids your understanding.” Whether you are writing or typing, find ways to add visual interest to your notes.

Yager advises students to keep a record of questions relating to the material as they go along.

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