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08-Dec-2019 06:13

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Tinder caught wind of the saga as it went viral and offered the pair a free romantic getaway of their choosing.

Avsec and Arendas decided on Hawaii and agreed to meet each other for the very first time live on hosts quizzed the two on their favorite snacks, go-to Netflix binges, and dream dates before introducing them to one another—and it turns out, they had a lot in common.

The pair matched on Tinder three years ago and built a rapport sending playful, creative messages to each other every few months.

Even though they studied on the same college campus at Kent State University, they'd never taken their relationship beyond messaging—so they'd never met in real life.

"One day I'm going to meet this girl, and it's going to be epic," he wrote alongside some screenshots of their intermittent messages.

What some people call “humping,” Sonja Morgan calls grinding and dancing.As part of its new series “Crossing The Line”, Good Morning America looked at sexual harassment on dating apps, revealing how one woman is aiming to put an end to the crude messages she and others often receive online.Looking at some concerning stats from Consumer Research, which say 57% of women and 21% of men have experienced sexual harassment from online dating, Good Morning America touched on the subject in a three minute segment earlier this week.“I apologize to anyone who felt uncomfortable or disrespected — that was never my intent,” Freeman wrote in a statement to The Post.

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