Free live no strings chat

02-Nov-2019 06:53

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Using Ref Chatter any number of staff can monitor multiple queues and can maintain multiple, concurrent online reference sessions.

The function will pass that data to the server to do what it will with it.

send Chat will be called when a message is entered into the text area and return is pressed.When we are trying to get State, the text file is read and the number of lines in returned.When we update, the file is read and any new lines are retuned.No database is required - as the chat will store itself in a simple text file. If you want to take this and run with it and make it more full featured, be our guest! Even what you are looking at above is 50% unrelated to the specific functionality of this tutorial. The double-divs thing going on with the chat-wrap and chat-area is just to pull off the totally unnecessary (but cool) double border effect in the chat area.

The technologies used: This tutorial covers all kinds of interesting things and interesting technology and the end result is definitely a chat room. The two most important areas are the textarea with the id of "sendie" and the chat-area div. We're going to get a little Object Oriented with our Java Script.

We also believe that with Altarama's hands on implementation, training, and customer support for this powerful tool will help you reach your user community more effectively.