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” “Yessssss....” “So, baby, our home’s a mess, isn’t it? Get to work.” “Okey-dokey,” she said, blowing a sloppy kiss at the camera. “S’a fucking pigsty.” “Well, your guys out there want to see you to clean it up. I’d been laid off from my job at the lab about six months earlier. You wouldn’t notice them unless you’d placed the cameras yourself, though. She’s short—about five foot and change—and tight-bodied. And get dinner ready.” She smiled, kissed my forehead again, and went off to get into her workout clothes. Tiny green lights sprinkled throughout the house came to life. My wife walked out of the bedroom, ready for the gym in a black sports bra, black yoga pants, and pink workout shoes.

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Gunther soon pulled out of my wife and nosed at her crotch, checking that he’d properly deposited his sperm.

Dear Readers: The narrator is not a terribly nice man, although he thinks he is. Adam Lily * * * “Hey, you promised you’d pick up the place.” My wife, being my wife.

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