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11-Jan-2020 05:23

The fact that I had to make 20 phone calls and visit your corporate store to NOT obtain this information is not exactly what I would consider appropriate or anything that remotely customer service. Reply Hello I made a prepayment on February 23rd for a 8 I was having trouble with the network on my new insurance for placed phone and was instructed by a metro representative to go to another provider because of my network issues.

I have already sent a message via your website and have never received an answer. I have now tried to get the 8 back since I had to transfer my phone and now pay more money per month which I wanted to stay with metro but could not and metro is telling me that I cannot have my 8 prepayment back. Because I did exactly as instructed by a metro representative!!!! Reply I have contacted every metro representative I could.

🙄🤧😧 Reply Blue Springs Missouri store treat’s customer like dirt. That did not happen so I went to the same store in Tampa again. The company was founded by current CEO, Roger Linquist, and Malcolm Lorang, both of whom were executives with Page Mart.