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07-Nov-2019 12:54

Probably should add this to the HG659 NBN Modem info on the NBN compatible modems list.This is the new TPG FTTN modem that they're sending out to replace the 658. It bizarrely is in the initial set up wizard as "connect with another modem".

I am getting very slightly slower speed on the Asus compared to the HG659, but I am still getting sync speeds of 95,000 down and 44,000 up on the Asus.

We received the HG659 and my dad was home and had the bloke install the unit, no problems the internet was up and going again. When we first signed up with TPG ADSL2 we used our own gear, I set up a TD-8817 set into full bridge mode and a TD-WR1043ND flashed with Open WRT Lu CI to do the routing.