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05-Feb-2020 19:33

Ethics involves the application of a moral code to the practice of medicine.

Ideals and the Hippocratic Oath have been covered in a separate article but it is worth repeating the summary of the Oath here: It is no longer enough simply to treat the patient as you would wish to be treated yourself.

The fundamentals of ethical conduct are described by Principles of Ethics and by Rules of Ethics as they relate to responsibility to persons served, to the public, and to the professions of speech-language pathology and audiology.

Principles of Ethics, aspirational and inspirational in nature, form the underlying moral basis for the Code of Ethics.

Follow such a tenet blindly and you could well find yourself on the wrong side of the law.

Medical and social ethics have advanced to an extent that doctors are likely to be faced with controversial issues on a regular basis.

The principles of beneficence potentially require more than those of nonmaleficence, because doctors must take positive steps to help people and not merely refrain from harm.

Patient welfare embodies medicine's goal, justification and rationale - examples here include public health, preventative medicine and biomedical research.

Treating the patient as an individual is an important principle.Any action that violates the spirit and purpose of this Code shall be considered unethical.

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