Dyndns ip address not updating

19-Sep-2019 13:53

This option is mainly used if your IPCop is behind a router. Your RED IP must be inside one of the three private networks e.g. As many dynamic DNS services do ban you if you update too often, it is strongly recommended that you select this option. You should have already registered with this service. If this is not ticked then IPCop will not update the information on the DYNDNS server.If your IPCop is connected 24/7, you can use a Scheduled Event to force an update to avoid your account being declared 'dead'. It will retain the information so you can re-enable DYNDNS updates without re-entering the data. Enable Wildcards will allow you to have all the subdomains of your dynamic DNS hostname pointing to the same IP as your hostname (e.g.I just like having the router as the primary since it's the first to know of an actual ip change. I have a feeling Actiontec added dyndns support for the generic versions of the router and that Verizon didn't strip out or left in for business customers.The average home user doesn't have a need for dynamic DNS that doesn't involve running some kind of server, which we all know isn't allowed on residential accounts.If this is up to date then the client will be able to contact you (assuming your firewall rules allow this).IPCop makes the process of keeping your DYNDNS address up to date easier by providing automatic updates for many of the DYNDNS providers.Dynamic DNS (DYNDNS) allows you to make your domain name available to the Internet even though you do not have a fixed IP address.To use DYNDNS you must first register a subdomain with a DYNDNS provider.

Of course I discovered the Actiontec router was not able to update the dyndns, only after manually updating the dyndns entry through dyndns.com's management page was I able to get things working, at least until the public ip address changes again.

But I'll contact them and find out if they know why.

I have an email to dyndns support to see if anything has come across their desk.

This is why I said Verizon would likely never be up for making it work; if anything they have a reason to go through and remove that from the menu the same way they made the UPn P page disappear and non-functional even when directly accessed.

I'm not sure what the operations are like over there if they even keep track of what does what.Years ago someone at Dyn DNS (the guy that started/was running it in fact) told me never use the update software built in to routers (at that time). For the record, the Actiontec Dyn DNS code apparently doesn't work at all anymore. I don't see Verizon making much effort to actually fix this functionality.