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I go from one set to the other shooting people and stealing husbands!

" A statuesque 5'7" when most leading ladies were a half foot shorter, Bari looked like she could smack the snot out of half of her leading men.

""That's part of it," Moody agreed."Can I also get a new eye like yours?

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" Harry eyed his mentor, looking for any opening in the older man's defense."Well," Moody responded, "I was thinking that we could go and get your school supplies, be a good idea to get you a wand that is on the books anyway.""So they don't think of looking for my other wands?If you feel the same then this OMAKE if for you, and in this OMAKE, I'm going to distill the important plot points that other authors take several chapters to write into a few lines."I can't believe I never saw it," Harry whispered to his new lover, "all this time I denied myself the happiness I deserved because I was unwilling to see you as anything but a friend.""Don't talk like that," a tear fell out of the corner of the woman's eye, "we're together now and that's all that matters.""But how could I allow you to place yourself in danger by loving me," Harry began to sob, "if it weren't for me you could be dating someone else and you would be safe."The woman gently stroked her grieving lover, "without you in my life I wouldn't be living, in fact from now on I insist on everyone calling me Mrs.