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“A good day would be when the sun is shining, the birds are singing, your calves are running races up and down the fences with their tails in the air and it’s just beautiful.” Mark says: ““It would be nice to settle down.

For me love is being there to share, to do stuff together, to hold, to cuddle, to kiss. I haven’t got the hustle and bustle of living in the city.

Do I wear something special so that people will know what is going on with me.

I can't just come in screaming "I'm Gay I'm Gay" Can I?? -roboman111 Dear roboman111, Come through our door screaming "I'm queer and I'm here and I need a martini"! -Frenchie Dear Linda, Linda, Charlie Harrison need to get Charlie Dixon address if you have it.

Peter, 52, is a dairy cattle and arable farmer who lives in North Yorkshire.

His hobbies are snooker, travel and dancing and he’s hoping to meet a woman.

I think that he would be a much happier person if he confronted his sexuality. -Meddling Friend Dear Linda, My roommate has left me alone for the weekend with a fridge of his rare, imported brews.

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She likes travelling and running, and is on the hunt for a male companion.

Presented by Sarah Cox, it aims to find romance for eight countryside dwellers, who are hoping that a city slicker wants to up sticks and move to a rural community with them.

She said: “Basically I want a best friend, someone who's there by your side, who wants to be with you all the time and is willing to listen to all your nonsense!

She says her interests are riding, eventing and socialising. Heather says: “I love horses, I’ve been riding since I was four years old. He likes showing cattle, event organising and public speaking. Richard says: “Living in an isolated community it’s really difficult to meet people, so it would be wonderful to find someone that I can share a connection and special bond with.

“I’m 2.5 hours away from the nearest gay scene.” Buzz, 33, is a farmhand who lives in Worcestershire.

Wendy says: “I’m very much a country girl at heart.