Dating spots in chennai

06-Dec-2019 10:40

You would have thought that this was a couple dating in hyper-conservative, Taliban-run Kabul and not “cosmopolitan” Chennai.

Lest we forget, Chennai is one of the top five cities in India, both in terms of size and population.

Take your date on a 100-kilometer ride from Chennai to see flocks of pink flamingos along the vast stretches of bluer-than-blue waters of the Pulicat Lake.

Couples also make out in cars parked outside the Subway outlet.

Let me point out that they were out in the open, at a popular public beach, and the sun was still out – not that it should matter even if it were dark.

Popularly known as the land of temples and filter coffee, Chennai is also the largest cultural, educational, and economic center in south India.

Arguably the Indian metro that offers the best quality of life, it was the only Indian city to feature on The New York Times’ list of (#2) in the world. The road itself is always busy with youngsters in groups, who are most often found smoking.