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This formal investigation centred around the former mayor’s alleged use of city funds to compensate members of the RPR political party.

In December 2011 Chirac was convicted of misusing public funds and abusing public trust.

Chirac saw his prestige fall further in 2006, when massive demonstrations forced the government to abandon legislation that would have made it easier for companies to fire young employees.

In 2009 a magistrate ordered the former president to face trial on charges dating back to his time as mayor of Paris; Chirac and several associates stood accused of awarding contracts for nonexistent city government jobs to their political allies.

Several weeks later Chirac faced a second, similar set of corruption charges.

As the candidate of the centre-right RPR, Chirac ran for the presidency against Mitterrand and was defeated in runoff elections in May 1988, whereupon he resigned the post of prime minister.

Remaining mayor of Paris, he made his third run for the presidency in May 1995 and this time defeated the Socialist candidate, euro, which replaced the franc as France’s sole currency in 2002.

In the spring of the same year—despite criticism for various ethical lapses and accusations of illegal fund-raising levied against the RPR—Chirac won the first round of France’s presidential balloting over right-wing nationalist Jean-Marie Le Pen and Jospin, whose third-place showing eliminated him from the second round.