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During this time, Russian society was plagued by organized crime and great instability with many people having left the country.Russia was also at war with Chechen separatists, which were largely created out of religious fanatism funded by international terror groups.Yeltsin was a weak leader but widely supported by the West, however his government proved to be unstable.A wave of economic hardship put Russia's economy in ruins and left the military underfunded and undisciplined.Tsar Nicholas II and his wife, a granddaughter of Queen Victoria, proved to be feckless, weak, and distracted by personal tragedies and the burdens of the war.

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Since 2000, all government institutions underwent a dramatic positive transformation, the economy has bounced back from crisis, thanks in no small part to five-fold increases in the prices of raw materials Russia has in abundance.Nazi Germany invaded the USSR 22nd of June 1941, having conquered most of the Western Europe.