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13-Jan-2020 21:24

Guide to Dating in Chicago: Sweet Music Prefer tunes to a laugh?

Live music is a great date idea in any city, but Chicago seems to have this category perfected.

Blues lovers need to visit Kingston Mines in Chicago’s North Side.

The Old Town School of Folk Music has an open house on the first Friday of every month.

If you’re not into wine, Maude’s Liquor Bar serves great cocktails in an intimate setting.

Guide to Dating in Chicago: Get Artsy Learning is sexy.

Swing music fans should stop in on Tuesday or Thursday nights.

If you like heights, “skate in the sky” at the John Hancock Observatory, where you’ll overlook the city on the world’s highest rink.(Tip: The Playground, Chicago’s only co-op non-profit improv group, is by-donation-only on Sundays.