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Just like her famous parents, Lucy De Vito enjoys making people laugh. In any role I do, it’s me in some way, so I feel very close to her. Her sense of humor, always wanting to laugh -- I am definitely that kind of person. If I feel like we have chemistry, I will divulge more of myself to them. If it’s a setup, they know who I am [and] if it’s a blind date, then no. They are kind of silly people so it’s like I’ve grown up with this sense of jokiness, which I like.

“It’s not easy, but I love it,” the 34-year-old tells ET from her dressing room at the Jerry Orbach Theater in New York City. I am currently single, so I have been on some recent first dates but nothing to write home about in terms of wacky. I bring the weirdo out in myself, which I think they encourage. I haven’t really had the opportunity to do anything uncomfortable with them, because that would be weird. I did it in high school, and then I went to college [at Brown University].

BB: The show’s marketing and synopsis emphasize that your character, Max (a bisexual) as someone who is hiding secrets and the “messy” one, but collectively, you and Elanor are both hot messes, right? He doesn’t really have the confidence to be his true self.

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I'd imagine it to be more suitable for introspective and quiet characters. Even 4 years before I got my first bottle, by reading the reviews about it, I was pretty sure I was going to like this EDT very much.Backstage, the actress talks about the blessing and curse of being a De Vito, the lessons her parents taught her about being successful in the entertainment industry and what’s next in her career.

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