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11-Oct-2019 15:30

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When you have similar data in different Excel files, say, split by the year, eventually you'll need to create a chart, a Pivot table, or some sort of summary report with it.Whether or not you are familiar with the Excel consolidate option, its power is included and enhanced in the add-in.Summarizing information by using formulas is handy because you can update the summary calculation simply by recalculating the worksheet.However, linking formulas may consume more memory than you want—especially when you're dealing with several large ranges of data.Excel offers a number of ways to summarize information in different worksheets and workbooks.For example, you can use the addition formula to find the average of those values.Using standard options is somewhat cumbersome and it limits your possibilities.

You may also want to read: Excel VBA Consolidate worksheets into one worksheet Excel VBA combine worksheets columns into one worksheet Assume that you have a lot of workbooks, each workbook contains multiple worksheets. If you misspell a variable in your code, VBA will silently assume it is a Variant variable and go on executing with no clue to you that you have a bug.