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11-Nov-2019 02:40

He had his own ideas but his prophecy was not only wrong; he was not being biblical.I was not interested in anything else he had to say after that because a true prophet of God is not like a baseball player where you’re allowed three strikes before you’re out.Maybe you can ask them, “How do you know it’s from God and not from Satan?Are you 100% absolutely certain that this is from God? Why do you feel like we need more or newer revelation from God since we already have the Bible?I hold to the Bible because I know it’s true and the prophecies will come to pass (many have already), but I cannot say the same thing about someone who says “God gave me a word and told me to tell you…” Why would God speak to someone else to speak to me when He can speak directly to me in His Word? It must either be their own imagination or it must be from Satan, because we know it’s not from God.

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Do you feel like the Bible is not enough revelation for you or for us?

” I don’t want to take the best guess or hope he or she is right in their prophecy because I already know what’s right and it’s recorded in the Bible.

I am still at the church where I’ve been for about a decade, and I never saw the man again.

His own personal prophecy failed, and I say his “own personal prophecy” because it was obviously not from God.Jeremiah’s prophecy in his day is applicable to ours.

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We will try harder not to let them get caught up in our beams! Rick Or whoever i thought you were pretty cool for a sec til your last comment but whatever. If something happens it's us that has to deal with it. First, you need to know how to put a sentence together. … continue reading »

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Mr Baez also criticises the police for never investigating George Anthony and dismisses out of hand the notorious report from WKMG-Channel 6's Tony Pipitone that an internet search was conducted on the Anthony computer for 'foolproof suffocation'.… continue reading »

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