Can ghana conpite nigeria with their movies

16-Nov-2019 18:01

The show begun with 10 contestant leaving 4 to compite among themselves with which the show became challenging and difficulty mostly getting the winner but after Sunday show emerge sani Mohammed winner of the competition.After declaration there were misunderstanding between supporter and commissioners since they were expecting barrack obama to win the race.Studies have shown that, in many environments, the rate of erosion and runoff decreases exponentially with increased vegetation cover.Unprotected, dry soil surfaces blow away with the wind or are washed away by flash floods, leaving infertile lower soil layers that bake in the sun and become an unproductive hardpan.B 2 3 33.7 10.7 11.7 1S,0 10.1 14.3 nffe Eei Ee •47,3 c,a 10,1 i.9 9,0 12.0 airist Ey U.1.saiir Ks nlativf to thit sf UJ, gaoimii withajt fipri W idto Ugnil li Vi L In dalaiiining s Eder* Ui diffffineis In m M mi mm i&m in thi laat OBlmi) v^bei dividri fey thi ^rn^s^ inf ^irt ttit nfics Ei giieyp itsiaiifd itefiition [m HUi 4 sii riiited dii Ci^i Gn), * t Meno M Bii an hi^r ths iim (kit edm) fi^ i imv, Psr eaifii, the ttmtim for no M.i* ti^mm Wtinf thi test as 1st yiar ffatoti ituteits (412), ^r Qllid yrtiffrriuatii (42lh sri ffisi Mlid iiiter^s degrii hsldiri (424), hi^r than Uii toil rawij, Biioitim iiin (416), «* Ifeptivi sip iriisti Imt s^ild-^rs ieaii fcr fcriip ijadmes* hr ixaaf ki totiffl mm for na Hi J, dtiiefs viri l^r thsi Ubsi tor ti J, ^itiwm at ^eh edueatienil livii, gealrt-ie Dri diffgrgy^s art emirablf ^Uiin but n Qtaer^ ajbjiet Ksts * &3if, Politick Science^ and Bducatiofi tests, Ihesa are ^jeet rasts tiie average perfonnanae of nor^.

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These are the figures commissioner presented to public.Mat score g system is expected for each event.22years old, Sani Mohammed was who hills from Kumasi with the vision of branding Ghana outside and inside was emerge 1st and took home GH 10,000. Kwame kwateng barrack obama won the 2nd prize and took home GH6,000, troupy and medical check up.