Bt home hub not updating

05-Oct-2019 19:36

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Certain features with the Smart Hub may not be available without expressed consent regarding the collection and use of personal information.Content available through Smart Hub may vary among product categories, models and territories.

Internet connection and compatible controller required. The result should be stutter-free Spotify or Netflix, no matter where you are in the house (or garden).We've spent a few days trying it out in a thick-walled 1890s terraced house, and found that download speeds are slightly improved over the old BT Hub 5.Meanwhile, if you sign up to fibre optic BT Infinity, you'll get a superpowered BT Smart Hub - the provider's best tech yet, rocking features like 'next generation' Wi-Fi and extra antennas.

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All about the BT Smart Hub Let's take a look at our main guy - the ol' Hub 4.

Now you can find a variety of customer-oriented materials in a convenient, single location.