Brett novek dating stephanie pratt

02-Oct-2019 06:28

Brett mentioned when he first heard the name of the show, it worried him a little bit because he though it would all be ridiculous but in the end it has provided a lot of positive things for him.

He talked about his part in the upcoming movie Penthouse.

, but the response from Brett is that it is not true.

According to the author of the Brett Novek fan page on My Space, he asked Brett directly if the rumor were true and the reply was “No, we’re just friends.” The In Touch article stated that Brett “was spotted whispering in her ear and making her laugh at the Target Converse One Star party in LA on June 1.” Who hasn’t talked in someone’s ear at a loud party or told a joke at one?

I knew there was a 30 second spot to be found so I started thinking about what shows might run it in the future so that I could record them and capture it. Then I watched Big Brother, which I watch anyway, and lo and behold there it was.

Brett enters the car, joining Tiffany in the back seat.Stephanie is quoted as saying “He’s really sweet and cute.” No news there to anyone who has been following Brett Novek‘s career.

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