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17-Jan-2020 08:54

Even sexually transmitted infections: There's the terrifying (HIV/AIDS), and then there's everything else, like the infections that produce a rash or a bruise to the ego but typically disappear with prompt treatment. You've probably had it at least once, and you may even have it right now.

But human papillomavirus (HPV) deserves its own category. But perhaps the scariest thing about HPV is the side effect it leaves behind: an increased cancer risk.

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Even if you're older than that, the vaccine might be worth paying cash for (about 0).

"If you can afford it, it's worth it," says Stephen Goldstone, M.

That's because men seem to have a harder time clearing oral HPV infections than women do, research shows.

So make sure your dentist does a cancer screening at every visit. In addition, watch for signs on your own, like a persistent sore throat, trouble swallowing, hoarseness, ear pain, enlarged lymph nodes, or unexplained weight loss.

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Close to three-quarters of adults have had HPV at some point in their lives.

Even though the HPV vaccine is recommended for all kids at age 11 or 12, only 28 percent of teenage boys have completed the three-dose series, according to recent CDC numbers. What's more, the vaccine, which boosts immunity to nine strains of HPV, isn't just for kids.

Most private insurers cover the HPV vaccine for men up to age 26.

The rectum may be the best spot, but these tests aren't routinely recommended.

Ask for a test if you have anal sex and/or HIV, both of which raise HPV risk.Given the ubiquitous nature of HPV infection, unless her partner is a virgin, the odds are pretty darned high that he already has had HPV. The only thing that partner notification accomplishes is to turn women with abnormal paps into pariahs, while the rest of the HPV infected men and women out there continue to copulate in blissful ignorance.