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15-Jan-2020 16:37

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We may uncover our next Hamish and Andy or Sam and Snez! Yes, there's minimal clothing and sometimes the sheets go bump at night, but not much else happens. You become highly invested in these people who seem very, very real.Australia's king of hosting Sir Osher Günsberg may have some competition, as one of the best things about Love Island is the ridiculously funny voice over guy, Iain Stirling.The show sends six men and six women to a deliciously hot tropical location for six weeks.Just like the OG, Nine has confirmed that the Aussie series will be filmed in Spain (fingers crossed it is in the same villa in Mallorca).But like all good reality shows, there's a big old catch.One person from the winning couple will be given the chance to share the money with their new squeeze, One thing you should always keep in mind - Don't listen to JLo because love does cost a thing!Your social media presence seems to play a key role, with one of the questions asking, "Do you currently blog and/or vlog?

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(Sophie Monk, it's time to step aside...)The UK has given us some of life's sweetest pleasures: the Spice Girls, Prince Harry's smile, the current population of Bondi Beach.Most commonly an idiot who is acting cheesy and lame over a girl.Used in context: "I'm acting like a complete melt over this bird."Mugged off Definition: To be played, disrespected or deceived.Used in context: "Babes, I've been mugged off."Grafting Definition: To bend over backwards to get someone to like you.

Used in context: "I've been grafting overtime for them."SPECIAL MENTION: Dick sand Created by season three's Olivia Attwood Definition: When there are dreamboats surrounding you and you literally cannot deal.You know when you have one of those days - you hate your job, the train smelt like a urinal, you're trying to be healthy but all you're thinking about is number four special from chicken shop with an extra side of chips. You don't have to think and it makes you feel oh, so good. You watch them become friends, lovers, enemies (not really - the conflict levels never reach uncomfortable levels) every night.