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01-Dec-2019 22:55

Her other hand caressed his genitals through the pair he had on, making his erection harder and more visual as they both stared at it in the mirror.

It was when she traced her index finger down the crevice of her bottom, pushing the nylon fabric hard to the valley that he began to breath more heavily and to jerk his loins.

The first step, once she had Paul accepting his new identity, if only at certain times, was to turn her attention to his girl friend, Janet.

She would gradually condition the young girl to accept Paul as Pauline and eventually she herself would be as much under the control of Mrs Sarah Wilson as was her intended husband-to-be.

She ‘trained’ him thoroughly, and it came as a terrible shock to her to be told he was now interested in a girl more his own age and might one day intend to marry her.

This was not in Mrs Sarah Wilson’s plans at all, and after so much trouble to train this delicate young sissy she did not intend to give him up to a younger woman just because Paul had the nerve to express his love for Janet.

That wonderful nylon being held to his face, the equally wonderful nylon his penis was thrusting against, made him want but one thing – to come into his own panties.

She was now pressing her belly and the broad upper part of her thighs more urgently against his arse and the small of his back.

Back and forth she moved her hips and when she actually clasped his shaft through the panties he wore and felt the throbbiness she knew it would not be long now before he gave way.

“You see my darling pet” she tried to explain to him “you have a new personality since you have been coming home with me for these happy week-ends, a female personality, and I am your lover when you feel feminine. He ALWAYS had to agree with Sarah Wilson, but what he did not realise at this stage was that Mrs Sarah Wilson planned towards making his feminine personality the dominant one, and, hopefully, if her scheming went well, his maleness both mental and physically, would be his secondary personality, and one that would eventually be overcome completely.

When you feel male again, then Janet is the one you think about. She knew the more intense his feminine feelings became the more under her seductive spell he would be. She wanted this young man for her own pet, but this would not be accomplished by force, only by stealth and cunning, She wanted him to belong to her because he WANTED to, not through being FORCED.She was a widow and after four years of total and utter abstinence from sexual activity with the opposite sex, Mrs Wilson was hungry for adventure and physical relief.